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Monday, December 05, 2005

Bush Tax Cuts Impacts Minorities

Much has been said about the president and his foreign policy mishaps however to really judge this administration and their domestic agenda look no further then Bush's tax cuts. Having friends who work for major Wall Street firms, its no secret that the top 15% bare a tremendous amount of the income tax burden however if you look at who is impacted directly by the tax cuts you would have to say minorities and the lower income bracket. I'm no communist however their must be a balance and an national forum to discuss our national budget and ever growing deficit. I would rather us increase taxes for the top earners and have that money directed to programs such as education, and health care and cut back on defense spending.

  • 'No workers have really benefited from President Bush's tax policies, but Blacks and Latinos have suffered disproportionately,' said Gloribell Mota, a bilingual education specialist at UFE.
  • 'President Bush's Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, far from delivering on the promises made to create 5.5 million new jobs, has carved out a new low in job recovery after a recession,' said Scott Klinger, who also co-authored the report and is director of UFE's tax policy group. 'The president's tax-cutting policy is a failure in this regard, and we need to recognize it as such.'

Check out this article I found it to be a great conversation starter.


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