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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Its funny how life works out. I attended Penn State and during my stay I ran into a lot of hip-hop promoters, deejays, artists, producers, etc. In any case I was at my favorite website and saw the new web radio show by non-other than DJ Opal, one of the dopest mixers I've ever heard period. Mike Jax and Opal had a show on college radio that was simply filthy. Now the cuttincrew is back in full effect. A member of the shadyville deejay's Opal will not dissappoint. Check him out and show him love, let him know what you want to listen to and get your shoutouts heard all over the world. Hit em up. (Let em know we sent ya).
Web radio link:

DJ OPAL! is one of the hottest urban DJ's in the northeast at this time, represented through cuttin crew productions/party radio 107.5fm Germany & radio dinamate 101.2fm Russia. He has over twenty years of experience and has established himself as a genuine asset to the scene.
Playing in various venues across the northeast with his versatile mixing style has created a huge impact, DJ OPAL! Has left an impressive mark at each event he has been involved with. Currently Playing at various venues in the northeast, whilst also establishing various successful residences.

Along with demonstrating fantastic club skills, DJ OPAL! has also built up a large audience with his radio show “Tha World Wide Show.” Which he first started on Radio Dinamate 101.2 fm, then creating another outlet on Party Radio 107.5fm where he holds down a primetime 8-10pm Saturday slot but still has the freedom to keep his taste at the forefront of the show. Playing all the current and up and coming urban jointz, whilst also previewing new talent incorporating competitions and give-aways plus interacting with the listening audience each week.
Influenced by some of the most influential dj's in the game from past to present includes Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, DJ Aladdin, Afrika Bambatta, Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz, and Jam Master Jay to new school trail blazers A-Trak, The X-Men, 5th Platoon, & Beat Junkies. This has created a big impact on how DJ OPAL! selects his mixes when in nightclubs, radio, and in production methods adding new with the old and creating an interesting mash-up which has his followers coming back time and time again to re live this unique experience.
DJ OPAL! is always looking on how to take the dj game one step further and as he states "there are a lot of great dj's with not a drop of business knowledge, and this separates a dj from being successful in the game or being lumped in the pot with everyone else". This business savvy approach to the entertainment business has created new ventures including an upstart company along with business associate Mike jax entitled The Cuttin which will bring many opportunities to the table within the Philadelphia area and beyond.


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