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Saturday, December 10, 2005

My man hit me up and we show love here at the Chronicle so definately check duke out at

Here is a sample of what your find:

"Who had the better year? Both labels had some big records as well as some high profile flops (cough, cough, Yayo, ahem, Bleek). If we’re talking numbers, I think Interscope has it when you add up the combined sales of Game and 50’s album. However, this is Nah Right and we don’t talk numbers. So album for album and song for song who wins? As much as I want Jay to win and 50 to lose, Def Jam was on the R&B tip a little too hard for my taste in 2005. Especially when they have completed albums from people like Redman and Ghostface that they act like they don’t want to release. On the other hand, 50’s album was trash and he wouldn’t let Styles P drop. To tell you the truth, the only decent records to come out of Interscope this year in my opinion were Be and The Documentary. The only albums from Def Jam that I really enjoyed were the Kanyeezy and the Beanie joints. Now that I’m thinking about it, these two labels that are supposed to be the two powerhouses of the Hip Hop majors, aren’t making very much good music at all are they? What do you think, am I buggin’ or did neither of these labels win this year? "


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Good looking out on the post family.


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