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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 (THE BEST HIP-HOP SITE)

Most folks would agree the game of hip-hop is full of has been and wanna be's. Very few have the dedication and focus to guide a business through the den of lions that is a trademark of hip-hop. Like other businesses the moguls of hip-hop agree that the future is online and no website is better positioned to make a serious move to the limelight than Founded by a AMG Entertainment CEO H Dollar, is the one stop for any hip-hop afficionado. Although others offer cookie cutter commerical music samples, no site introduces the public to more independent artists and producers while hitting you with the latest exclusives from artists such as: 50 Cent, Nas, D-Block, Dip Set, Slim Thug.
I really like the fact that while you can read interviews from mainstream artists in any urban magazine, str8hiphop showcases the hottest independent artists in hip-hop. Case in point is the V.A burglar himself, Nickelus F. Check out his latest mixtape mixed by DJ Rerok.

For any one interested in being featured on email the Russell Simmons of the internet at Attn: H Dollar

In addition to offering music exclusives, str8hiphop also breaks the latest news in hiphop through its instant messenger feature: AOL IM Str8hiphopnews

For those on add str8hiphop to your friends list at:

I personally recommend str8hiphop to those who enjoy being the first to hear and read the latest in hiphop and if you don't know, now you know.


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